• Lawrence Chapman

Blog Content: How Can it Benefit Your Business?

With the modern business place inundated with competition, businesses are implementing a range of approaches in a bid to stave off competitors from rival firms, secure new customers and protect existing clientele.

While there is a multitude of tactics available, blog strategies are being widely recognised as a vital element of a company’s marketing strategy, with many firms devoting time to the publication of organic content to provide value for their target audience, demonstrate their overall business credentials and facilitate avenues for future collaborative ventures.

The Function of Blog Articles

Improve Online Rankings

To the untrained eye, a blog piece is simply an article providing an insight into a decided topic, often presenting the reader with a guide on why they should do fulfil a task, or how they can achieve the desired outcome. However, blog articles can offer further qualities, when formulated accurately.

Search engines are the ultimate marketplace for businesses, with prospective clients using platforms such as Google to research companies offering the desired service. Companies aspire to appear on the first pages of search engines and this is attainable if the right measures are put in place.

For instance, incorporating a content strategy encompassing optimised blog pieces and relevant keywords can improve search rankings and drive further traffic to a company's website.

Showcase Skills

As well as contributing to a company’s technical performance, blog articles can also act as an ideal platform for showcasing past successes to potential clientele.

For example, personal trainers often include ‘before and after’ pictures of their clients to highlight the effectiveness of their training regimes, while builders or contractors regularly include pictures of completed projects, such as a newly fitted bathroom or kitchen.

In business, gaining the initial trust from an individual is crucial and providing tangible proof of your skillset can prove to be the difference between converting a lead into a customer, or seeing an opportunity slip through the net.

Generate Business

In addition to important benefits such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), blog articles can help businesses generate fresh leads and clients.

While continued publication of fresh content is a key contributor to the success of any strategy, prior posts can still offer value amongst a target audience for a sustained period. Older articles can form the basis for follow-up pieces and facilitate greater numbers of organic traffic

It’s often the case that a customer will research a product or service at some stage of their consumer journey, before they complete their purchase, with many studying blogs as part of the research process.

Given its considerable potential to convert leads into customers, embracing a blog strategy and making time to publish regular content can bring many rewards for a company.

Demonstrate Knowledge

Brand success correlates with brand trust and brand recognition; if a company positions itself as the expert in its relevant area and provides resources offering value and credence, then more people will often engage with the company.

Blogging is a fantastic opportunity for a business to highlight its proficiencies and knowledge of a specialist area, serving as a platform for a company to present itself as the master of a craft, the leader in its industry and the go-to place for support and guidance.

If a customer has implicit trust in a company and the services that they're proposing, then this opens up the avenue for collaboration.

Why Do Companies Not Publish Blog Content?

During the digital age, blog articles are often deemed a quintessential part of an online strategy.

However, despite the benefits surrounding key constituents such as SEO and lead generation, there are a variety of reasons why some companies don’t publish blog articles:

1) They don’t know what to write

2) Lack of confidence

3) Inadequate in-house resources

4) Time constraints

5) Reluctance to break old habits

Outsourcing Blog Content

In many circumstances, a company is keen to implement a content strategy and cannot produce the articles themselves.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unable to reap the rewards that blog articles can bring. Delegating blog content to a professional writer not only frees up time, but also ensures that articles comply with best practice, in terms of SEO practice etc.

Nectar Content write a wide berth of blog content for companies across a range of sectors.

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